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Rail and Trackless Trains

Track and trackless trains and people movers for sale


Arizona Railroad Depot manufactures rail trains, trackless road trains and trams. All products can be sized to transport large numbers of passengers over any distance, and they are ideal for theme parks, shopping malls, zoos, resorts and similar attractions.

Use the trains to move visitors around an attraction, or make the trains part of the attraction. Either way, they provide an efficient, reliable, economical and fun addition.

Shown to the left is our CP 173 in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Rail Trains from Arizona Railroad Depot

The CP 173 is the largest and most powerful rail train built by Arizona Railroad Depot. The half-scale CP 173, like the one pictured on the right can transport more than 100 passengers with up to five coaches and a caboose. Coaches come in three different styles and can be open or enclosed with heating and air conditioning.


Half-Scale CP 173

4-4-0 wheel design   •   32-inch drive wheels   •   Soft-Ride Suspension   •   Fail-Safe Brake System

Cab seats up to 4 adults   •   Diesel, gasoline or propane engine   •   Electronic hydraulic transmission

Track gauge: 24"   •   Tender contains engine and drive system   •   30-gallon fuel tank   •   Compressor for brakes

40-gallon hydraulic reservoir   •   Easy-access panels with hydraulic lifts   •   Coaches are handcrafted 1880s style

Coaches have all-wheel, fail-safe brakes   •   PA System with waterproof speakers   •   Wheelchair ramp standard

Trackless Road Trains from Arizona Railroad Depot


Americana Beach Train at Royal Naval Dockyards in Bermuda

Americana Specs:

350 horsepower turbo diesel engine   •   Brakes: 4-wheel, anti-lock disc

Independent double wishbone suspension   •   Climate control cab

PA System with microphone and authentic train sounds

Fail-safe brake system on coaches and caboose

Santa Fe rear view and detail on locomotive


Arizona Railroad Depot's largest and most powerful road train, the Americana can easily transport more than 100 passengers. Coaches can seat up to 32 adults and are designed for speedy entry and exit. The Americana is ideal for tours around resort islands and large attractions.

Santa Fe Trackless Trains

The Santa Fe is a much smaller trackless train than the Americana from Arizona Railroad Depot.

The Isuzu diesel engine in the Santa Fe has ample power to drive the locomotive and three coaches with 28 passengers per coach.

The Santa Fe rides on rubber tires and is built to travel at up to 15 mph. For more complete specs on the Santa Fe, click here.





  Santa Fe locomotive & 2 coaches


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