IRG offers the best selection of both new and used rides for parks, carnivals, family centers, zoos and city parks

New and Used Rides

New and Used Rides

Gosetto Dark Rides Fun Houses And Amusement Rides


For over 40 years, Gosetto has engineered and built amusement rides for carnivals, amusement parks and traveling showmen.

Gosetto is world renowned for their Dark Rides, Haunted Attractions, Fun Houses, Off The Shelf Tricks, Adult and Kid-sized Bumper Cars and Buildings, Children's Rides, Go-Kart Tracks (gasoline and floor pick-up). All rides are available in a wide range of types and sizes - park and trailer-mounted models - customized for each client.

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Fun Houses

  2 level, 3 level and 4 level models available

Fully customized

Myers International Midways

New York New York Fun House, 4 levels


New York New York Fun House, 2 levels

Dark Rides


Haunted Mansion


Family Rides


Dance Party


Spinning Coaster


Children's Rides




Bumper Cars




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