IRG offers the best selection of both new and used rides for parks, carnivals, family centers, zoos and city parks

New and Used Rides

New and Used Rides

Rides Reduced In Price

Rides Reduced In Price


Eli #16 Wheel, WH1261, Reduced to $65,000!

Pinfari Z47, RC1358, Reduced to $275,000!

Action Arm, MJ1402, Reduced to $30,000!

Dark Ride, DH1255, Reduced to $110,000!

Wattman Tram Express, T1330, Reduced to $35,000!

Maverick, SP1283, Reduced to $350,000!

Carousel, CA1302, Reduced to $40,000!

Old Western Train, KD1292, Reduced to $12,500!

Little Swings, KD1291, Reduced to $25,000!

Bumper Cars, BC1305, Reduced to $17,000!

Barrels of Fun, KD1332, Reduced to $15,000!

Children's Merry Go Round, CA1301, Reduced to $25,000!

Speedway, MJ1512, $80,000!







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