Fabbri Group - designers and manufacturers of amusement rides for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and traveling showmen, indoor and outdoor FEC operations, zoos, museums, tourist destinations, and leisure facilities.

Fabbri offers a full range of wheels, spectacular, major, family, and children's rides and are known worldwide for their Giant Wheels, Thrill Rides, and Coasters. Rides are available in a wide range of types and sizes - park and trailer-mounted models - customized for each client.

 Fabbri Heading

Fabbri Ferris and Giant Wheels

  • Fabbri Ferris Wheels range in height from 14 mt. to 40 mt.

  • Fabbri Giant Wheels range in height from 50 mt. to 100 mt.

Fabbri Wheels are fully customizable through cabin or gondola type, custom theming, and type of LED illumination


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Roller Coasters

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Spectacular & Thrill Rides

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Family & Major Rides

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