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Giant Wheels

80 mt Giant Wheel

Fabbri Giant Wheel 80  Fabbri Giant Wheel 80

  Fabbri Giant Wheel 80 mt  Fabbri Giant Wheel, 80 mt

Giant Wheel 80

Fabbri Giant Wheel 80 Gondola  

Fabbri Giant Wheel 80 Gondola


80 mt (262')

Base Dimensions: 40 mt x 27 mt (131' x 88.5')

40 enclosed cabins seat 8 each, 320 total passengers

Continuous rotation, 15 minutes per rotation

55 mt Giant Wheel, Portable & Semi-Portable

 Metz Fabbri Wheel  Metz Fabbri Giant Wheel

Metz Giant Wheel

Fabbri Giant Wheel, Metz  Metz Fabbri Wheel


25 mt x 20 mt x 55 mt (h)

Seats 252

42 cabins, 2 VIP cabins

Loading: 3 gondolas

Transport: 21 trailers (13.6 mt)

Built on steel basement with no foundations

Designed for temporary site usage

50 mt Indoor Giant Wheel

Fabbri Indoor Giant Wheel Turkmenistan Guinness Record  Indoor Giant Wheel Fabbri

Indoor Giant Wheel Fabbri 50 mt  Fabbri Giant Wheel Indoor

Indoor Fabbri Giant Wheel View  Fabbri Indoor 55 mt wheel

Indoor Giant Wheel Fabbri  Indoor Giant Wheel Cabins


Recognized by Guiness World Records as the world's largest Ferris Wheel in an enclosed architectural design.

50 mt (h) x 60 mt diameter

24-6 seat cabins

Ferris Wheels

Circuit Wheel 30 mt, Custom Designed

Circuit Wheel Full  Circuit Wheel profile

 Circuit Wheel ADA Gondola

Circuit Wheel Control Panel  Circuit Wheel Control Panel


30 mt (98')

Base dimensions: 57' x 39'

126 capacity (21 open gondolas seat 6 each, 1 ADA compliant gondola)

Gondola Wheel 25 mt

old town wheel 3

Old Town Wheel at Night

old town wheel 2a

Old Town Wheel Gondolas  Old Town Wheel Yellow Gondola  


25 mt (82')

Base Dimensions: 19.2 mt (l) x 7.7 mt (d) (63' x 26')

108 capacity (18 open gondolas (1 ADA compliant) seat 6 each)